RoadMap Group for Consultancy and Capacity Building is a member of International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP), FORTH network for innovation and the main representative of the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF). RoadMap Group offers a unique platform for interaction between its customers and a wide network of global experts and gatherings to provide innovative and sustainable solutions that serve the community and meet the highest international standards. RoadMap fulfils the needs of organizations and individuals from start-ups and entrepreneurs to large corporations. Our philosophy is to focus on understanding customers’ needs and expectations depending on our talented people whom are well equipped with experience, knowhow and skills. RoadMap offerings are more oriented towards community development and creating long-lasting positive impacts and by following best practises, using innovative methodologies and applying Internationally recognized standards.

RoadMap Objectives:
- To contribute to empowering the national and global economic development.
- To promote innovation and entrepreneurial mindset nationally and globally.
- To invest in building leadership & management capabilities.
- To enable women and youth and support impact businesses.
- To share knowledge and best innovation practices.
- To commercialize new products and technologies.
- To ease access to finance for startups and SMEs.
- To support sustainability of startups.


New Sudan through innovation


To promote the competitiveness of public institutions, private sector and community through innovation, entrepreneurship and the transfer of knowledge and technology, to contribute to an innovation-based economic growth.


• Creativity and innovation.
• Trust and commitment.
• Attention to detail.
• Team spirit.


In RoadMap Group we provide wide spectrum of services for: community, small and medium enterprises, large corporations, governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, start-ups and fresh graduates.

All RoadMap services are executed through our innovative team and by using state-of-the-art technologies and scientific approaches with the assistance of our talented experts and partners.
RoadMap services are aimed to make a difference that returning long-lasting positive impact for society as a whole.

RoadMap offers the following services:

RoadMap helps new businesses and start-ups to penetrate their target markets confidently. We are offering huge opportunities that help in:

• Facilitating and availing access to financial resources and funds for promising business initiatives.
• Turning your business plan into a reality (register, file, and start doing business).
• Turning your business idea into a business plan.
• Managing your day-to-day operations.
• Providing professional networking.

RoadMap is mature enough to provide a package of professional training and courses that are mainly designed and customized to enhance personal capabilities and leverage the skills of experienced employees and fresh graduates who want to apply their talents to solve significant social challenges and those which are affecting business growth as well.
RoadMap is considering its clients’ needs and expectations and work closely with them in designing the required programs with the supervision of our specialized and professional experts in the different fields, some of these training programs are stated below:

• Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating the Results of Development Projects.
• Institutional Transformation through Blue Ocean Shift.
• Towards a Strategy-Focused Organization.
• Technological Innovation Management.
• New Product Development Management.
• Innovation and Strategic Thinking.
• Business Processes Re-Engineering.
• Strategic Performance Management.
• Service Innovation Management.
• Preparing Feasibility Studies.
• Disciplined Entrepreneurship.
• Social Innovation Management.
• Creative Problems Solving.
• Leadership Development.
• Strategic Roadmapping.
• Blue Ocean Leadership.
• Strategic Management.
• Systems Engineering.
• Blue Ocean Strategy.
• Project Management.
• Strategic Planning.
• Mastering Coaching.
• Value Engineering.
• Creative Thinking.
• Design Thinking.
• Strategy Maps.

Competent leadership is crucial factor for organization success. Leaders shape the future and make it happen; they ensure the on-going progress and sustainability of business.

In RoadMap we develop leadership capabilities by providing coaching and mentoring programs, leadership-attachment in world-class organizations, seminars and workshops that enhance leadership skills and competences.

Building a culture of innovation that drives productive and sustainable innovation practices can spark more ideas from within your workforce that will help your organization to remain competitive and stay ahead.

RoadMap will help organizations in establishing an integrated innovation management system that can help your organization to capture ideas and generate a structured process that can improve ability to solve the continuously emerging business challenges.

Organizations – regardless their size or nature of business- are facing continuous challenges on a daily basis, these obstacles are impeding movements towards the achievement of their strategic objectives.

Consultation services are considered as the best way that can provide a clear diagnosis for the status–quo of the organization and extracting the ultimate solutions that can fit the business needs.

Roadmap Group is proud of its network of consultants with their different backgrounds and their long experiences. Our team of experts has conducted so many consultation services in different fields of businesses using the latest consulting tools and technologies.

RoadMap is always focusing in programs that help in developing communities and individuals. No doubt, now-a-days technology has become the main drive for change and consolidating innovative ideas which aimed to sustainable development and help people in need to improve their incomes and quality of life. RoadMap is keen about introducing advanced technological applications and systems that can improve community in different fields such as: • Agriculture sector.
• Renewable energy.
• Manufacturing.
• Oil & gas.
• Livestock.
• Mining.
• Others…

Whether you’re an established enterprise, a growing start-up, a work-at-home professional, or person who travels frequently, RoadMap provides you with convenient environment that helps you save time and money through the use of our attractive space and facilities that are suitable for small and medium groups.
RoadMap is always welcoming its clients and partners and proud to provide the needed assistance.

In RoadMap we can provide business solutions from start-ups to large entities. We have a wide range of associates and experts that we can partner with; whenever required.

RoadMap team can guide you step by step and can help you create solutions that suit your needs. RoadMap offers a set of innovative business solutions, some of which are:

• Designing & Developing of Websites and Database Systems.
• Developing Innovation Strategies.
• Management Systems Development.
• Performance Management Systems.
• Preparing Feasibility Studies.
• Design of E-Learning Portals.
• Automation of Processes.
• Business Intelligence.
• Business Planning.
• Process Mapping.
• Data Mining.

How many people can clearly state their organisation’s purposes?

Many people may know how to operate, but do they know why they are doing so?

Every organisation needs to have a clear purpose and a co-ordinated plan to achieve it. Strategy is a guide and roadmap that helps in realizing the organization purposes. Everyone in the organisation should know clearly what the strategy is.

RoadMap can guide you in developing your organization’s strategy starting from understanding the needs and expectations of your stakeholders, internal performance and capabilities and the external environment forces.


Consultations & Business Solutions
Innovation Services
Capacity Building Services


RoadMap consistently adds value for its customers by understanding, anticipating and fulfilling needs, expectations and opportunities. We are aware of our different customers groups, both existing and potential. We build and maintain continuous dialogues with customers; openness and transparency is our basic approach to sustain the customer’s relationship. We strive to innovate, add value, and involve them whenever required. We are keen about monitoring and reviewing our customers’ experiences, and work hardly in meeting and exceeding their expectations. RoadMap is proud and delighted of serving its distinguished group of customers:

· Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation – Khartoum State.
· Ministry of Strategic Affairs & Information – Khartoum State.
· Ministry of Human Development and Labor – Khartoum State.
· Enable Youth Program for Agricultural Entrepreneurship.
· Center for Industrial Research and Consultancies.
· National Secretariat for Employing Graduates.
· Ministry of Social Security and Development.
· Al Rwad Agricultural Cooperative.
· FAAS Trade and Investment – UK.
· Africorp International Company.
· Government of North Kordofan.
· National Information Center.
· Africa City of Technology.
· National Research Center.
· National Software Center.
· Giad Industrial Group.
· Rida Mining Group.
· Merowi University.
. Zakat Chamber.
· Savings Bank.
· Family Bank.



RoadMap Group believes that success and growth are built on strong business relationships. We encourage the experts, innovators, entrepreneurs and students to join our network of scientists and professionals in the respective fields of knowledge that RoadMap is covering. Through this relationship we are expecting to facilitate the mutual advantages for RoadMap and its network of members.

RoadMap membership is a unique opportunity to stay in-line with the relevant trends in international business arena. Membership with RoadMap means you want to be part of advancing yourself and the community.

By being a member you will benefit from wide range of facilities and programs including:

• Attending professional networking and training events.
• Getting involved in local and international campaigns.
• Meet other members from all the professions in the field.
• Participating in workshops, seminars and knowledge sessions.
• Accessing the educational resources.


Dear visitor, Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime through the following channels and we will be glad to communicate with you and respond to your inquiries.


Sudan, Khartoum, Mohammed Nageeb Street Int with Street No (7), Building No 42A, 2nd Floor.


+249 155 117 313/+249 930 101 030



P. O. Box:

10015 – Khartoum – Sudan.